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Project `Ontsluiting Geluidsdemonstraties'

Main group of demonstrations

This website is the result of a project "Availability of Audio Demonstrations" by the Phonetics group. The aim of this project is to distribute audio demonstrations used in Phonetics courses, so that students can consult these demonstrations for private study. To this end, the necessary software has been developed, and audio demonstrations were digitised, adapted, renewed or made from scratch.
The project is sponsored by the Kwaliteit en Studeerbaarheid fund (1996).
More about Phonetics? Profile, study, courses, research, people, further links, ... You can find more at the homepage of Phonetics at Utrecht University.
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What do you need

In order to use the audio demonstrations, you need the following:
  1. a web-browser capable of JavaScript. Netscape 4.0, Opera 3.60, or MS Internet Explorer 4 are recommended (or later versions).
  2. hardware for audio playback.
  3. software for audio playback. This website works optimally with a stand-alone player program, such as WinAmp, RealPlayer, or Windows Media Player. Please avoid plug-in players inside your web-browser (such as QuickTime Plugin or NetScape Audio Plugin); these players make the browser unstable, and they yield unexpected side effects.
    Most demonstrations are formatted as aiff, aifc or wav. Your web browser should load such files automatically in the player program.
    The necessary hardware and software is already installed on the workstations in the Phonetics computer lab. For other computers we recommend that you verify your configuration and file associations, e.g. with this multimedia test page.
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Hoew does it work?

Select a topic from the menu on the lefthand side. Each page shows the related demonstrations, on the top of the page. In the menu on the lefthand side of each page, you see hyperlinks back to the next higher level; somewhat lower are hyperlinks to groups of demonstrations which belong to this topic.

The sitemap gives a quick overview of the contents of this site.

Each demonstration corresponds to a single audio file. A short description and some other information is given for each demonstration.

The demonstration can be heard by clicking on the button;
your browser will perform the actions for this type of audio file, as specified under Preferences or Options.

More information about a demonstration is available by clicking on the button;
this opens a daughter window with all information about that unique demonstration.

In some cases, text and transcription are hidden behind the button,
to encourage listening without prescience.

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Except where stated differently, the copyright for this entire website, including all audio files and accompanying texts, is owned by the 'studierichting' Fonetiek, Utrecht University;
copyright © 1996-2000 studierichting Fonetiek, Utrecht University.

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